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The NH State Fire Marshal’s Bureau of Safety & Construction administers the statewide School Safety Inspection Program. Our office also offers technical assistance on school safety and provides plan reviews for public school construction, working closely with the NH Department of Education.

The school inspection program requires local fire chiefs to inspect each private and public school within their jurisdiction once a year.

NFPA 101 Life Safety Code (2018 Edition) defines an educational occupancy as: An occupancy used for educational purposes through the twelfth grade by six or more persons for 4 or more hours per day or more than 12 hours per week.

The educational facility fire and life safety inspection is part of the NH Department of Education school approval process. An inspection is required to show that a public school is in compliance with NH Administrative Rule Ed 306.07 and that a non-public school is in compliance with NH Administrative Rule Ed 403.01(c).

General School Inspection Requirements

NH RSA 153:14 II (b) states:

  • Each local fire chief shall annually inspect all school buildings within his or her jurisdiction while school is in session and submit a written report to the state fire marshal on the condition of all such school buildings.
  • The fire chief shall furnish a copy of this report to the school district superintendent and school board members.
  • The report shall detail any state fire code compliance issues in each school building.
  • The report shall be submitted no later than December 15 each year.
  • Unless otherwise arranged, the local fire chief shall be responsible to follow up with the school for corrective action for any deficiencies identified in the report. The fie chief shall contact the NH State Fire Marshal's Office when the identified deficiencies have been corrected.

School Fire & Life Safety Inspection Checklist

The online reporting tool is a convenient way for fire chiefs to easily conduct and submit school inspection reports. Fire Chiefs, please use this tool or submit your hard copy to

School Fire & Life Safety Checklist

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