Administrative Rules

The NH State Fire Marshal’s Office’s Administrative Rules are listed below.

The rules, as they may appear on this site, are not the official version pursuant to RSA 541-A. To obtain an official version of any Administrative Rule, please contact the:

Office of Legislative Services
Division of Administrative Rules
25 Capital Street, Room 219
Concord NH 03301-6312
Telephone: 603-271-3435
Fax: 603- 271-7871
TDD Access: Relay NH 1-800-735-2964 or dial 711 (in NH)


Administrative Rules

Immediately below, the Rules are listed by number. To view the rules by name, select Rule Name.


What is an Administrative Rule?

When the NH State Legislature passes a law that is specific to a State agency, it may grant that agency authority to develop the standards and procedures needed to apply that law. These standards and procedures are called Administrative Rules, and have the same effect of law. Rules ensure that agency policies are applied equally to all persons in similar situations.

Why do we need Administrative Rules?

Rules implement legislative policy, and inform the public about how to do or get something, or what can happen if something isn't done. Rules also set standards and limits for the exercise of discretion so that an agency gives equal treatment to persons who are in similar situations.

Where can I get copies of current NH FMO Administrative Rules?

Current Administrative Rules pertaining to the NH Division of Fire Safety | Office of the State Fire Marshal, and all other State agencies, can be obtained by going to the NH Office of Legislative Services website. Copes of DHHS rules can also be obtained by contacting the DHHS Administrative Rules Unit.