State Building Code Review Board

Welcome to the NH Building Code Review Board.

The State Building Code Review Board (BCRB) is responsible for recommending legislation to amend the New Hampshire Building Code. The board aims to provide consistency with the application of laws, rules, or regulations, to avoid undue economic impacts on the public, by considering the cost of such amendments, and to promote public safety best practices.

What We Do

  • Coordinate and adopt the state building code
  • Review and confirm municipal amendments to the state fire code.
  • Hear appeals related to the following:
    • Variances or exceptions to the state fire code that have been granted or denied by the State Fire Marshal.
    • The state fire marshal's application and enforcement of the state building code and state fire code
    • Decisions made by local building code boards, the NH Electrician's Board, and Board of Home Inspectors

Please note this is a summary.

Full list of Board Duties

Meetings & Members

  • We meet monthly and when called for by the chairperson or board vote.
  • At an annual meeting each January we elect a vice-chair.
  • A quorum is required to meet for the purpose of discussion, information review, hearings, or taking board actions.

Organizational Rules

Meet the Board


The board delegates committees members when necessary.

2018 Subcommittee Reports

Board Structure

  1. Pursuant to RSA 155-A:10, the board consists of the commissioner and 16 members, appointed by the commissioner for a term specified by law.
  2. The board elects a vice-chair at its annual meeting.
  3. The chair presides over all meetings.
  4. In his/her absence, the vice chair presides.

How We Operate

Meeting & Hearing Information

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