The NH State Fire Marshal’s Office (NHFMO) engages in cooperative fireworks safety efforts with local fire depts, and federal, state & local law enforcement agencies. We also work in partnership with retail fireworks stores, issuing licenses for product sales and conducting inspections to ensure proper and safe storage.

Our office issues permits and licenses for fireworks, including licensing the operators (aka pyrotechnicians) and issuing permits for any shows that occur across the state. Our Fireworks Safety unit interacts with fireworks and pyrotechnics companies involving the sale, manufacture and use of fireworks and pyrotechnic articles, concerts, entertainment venues, and movie and television production sets that operate within our state. 

Consumer Fireworks

Permissible Fireworks are consumer fireworks that can lawfully be used in New Hampshire. They can be purchased at licensed retail stores across the state by anyone over 21 years old. To use them, consumers must follow any local ordinances or restrictions and follow safety precautions.

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Please note:

  • Consumers must be at least 21 years old to buy, have, or use permissible fireworks
  • Consumer fireworks may only be used on private property that you own, or with written permission from the land owner, or in the owner's presence. One can be held liable in any civil action for damages to another's property. In other words, you can be sued for using fireworks on property that isn't yours.

NH Permissible Fireworks Advisory Committee

Our office works closely with the Permissible Fireworks Advisory Committee, which is responsible for administering the list of communities which restricted the sale, possession or display of permissible fireworks. This committee meets annually.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, October 11, 2022 @ 1:00pm (IPOC, 110 Smokey Bear Blvd, Concord NH - Situation Room - 2nd Floor)

Permits, Licensing and Inspections

We encourage you to reach out with any questions by calling or emailing us at (603) 223-4289 or

Permit applications and requests for inspections may be submitted in person, electronically or by mail. 

Please make any checks out to State of NH. 

Mailing Address

New Hampshire Division of Fire Safety
33 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH  03305
(attention: Fireworks Section)

Apply to Sell or Market Fireworks

Display Fireworks

Pyrotechnic and Flame Effects (proximate audience)

Reporting an Incident or Injury

Licensed operators and local departments calling to report an incident involving fireworks, pyrotechnics, or flame effects should contact the NH State Police Communications Center at (603) 223-4381 and request to speak with the on-call Fire Marshal - Supervisor.

For Fire Departments

Laws, Rules and Codes

There are three sets of administrative rules that are used to regulate and assist the fireworks industry that operates in New Hampshire on a regular or temporary basis.

Saf-C 2600 - Marketing, Sales, and Possession of Fireworks

These rules predominantly deal with the retail sale of permissible consumer fireworks, and the wholesale/distribution of consumer and professional display fireworks. This set of administrative rules defines minimum requirements for the use, possession, and storage of consumer fireworks by the general public and fireworks industry. It further outlines the licensing process for retail and wholesale licensees.

Saf-C 6900 - Proximate Audience Pyrotechnic and Flame Effects

These rules address the use of pyrotechnic and flame effects used before a proximate audience, such as during a concert, show, sporting event, or television set. A "proximate audience" is typically an audience that is located much closer to these special effects than your average outdoor professional fireworks display, and may be as close as 15 feet. These rules outline the licensing (certificate of competency) process for individuals responsible for these types of effects, and outline audience and venue protections. During these types of events, our Fireworks Safety Unit interacts with pyrotechnic companies from across the country as concerts, shows, and sporting events come to New Hampshire throughout the year.

Saf-C 5000 - Display Fireworks

These rules deal with the safe storage, handling, transportation, and use of professional Display Fireworks. Display Fireworks are the larger pyrotechnic devices used during outdoor fireworks display, such as the 4th of July, or New Year's Eve. 

Click here to review New Hampshire Fireworks Safety laws and rules.

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