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Quarantine & Alternative Lodging

This page provides information about quarantine procedures and alternative lodging/ respite housing options for New Hampshire first responders in relation to COVID-19.

First responders may request alternative lodging locations for members to quarantine at designated areas around the state. In partnership with the hospitality industry, several hotels are making rooms available to first responders on an as-needed basis. This lodging is provided free of charge to New Hampshire First Responders.

Please make this request through ESF-4 by calling (603) 223-3718. We ask that you do not start calling potential hotels on your own, as there is limited availability and specific protocols in place. We are glad to be able to offer this service and appreciate your assistance with making it as smooth as possible.


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Need Help?

Please call the State Emergency Operations Center, which is dedicated to first responders during the pandemic. It is staffed 24/7 at (603) 223-3718.