Inspectional & Fire Investigation Training

The New Hampshire State Fire Marshal’s Office makes every effort to accommodate Fire Department requests for trainings. 



Please contact us at (603) 223-4289 or

Fire Investigation for First Responders

This seminar familiarizes students (police, fire, and EMS) with the roles and responsibilities of first responders and how they relate to the basic principles of arson detection and the proper procedures for scene security, evidence preservation and documentation.


Inspecting Oil Burners, Gas Lines & Appliances and the Most Common Plumbing Violations

This seminar helps the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) conduct inspections of oil burners, gas lines and gas appliances. The seminar will also review common plumbing inspection concerns and questions of compliance with laws and amendments in the State of NH.


Inspecting School and Assembly Occupancies

This seminar is designed to assist the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) conduct life safety inspections in educational occupancies, define what an assembly occupancy is, and what safety measures are required.


Inspecting Tents and Commercial Kitchens

This seminar introduces the new guidelines for the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to utilize when inspecting tents and will also identify what to look for when inspecting commercial kitchens.


Youth Firesetter and Rural Fire Prevention Program

This seminar will shed light on the Youth Firesetter problem and the importance of reporting and intervention. This seminar will also cover the importance of fire prevention and implementation strategies for rural areas.