Incident Reporting

NH Fire Departments, please follow this guidance for up-to-date incident reporting protocols.

The New Hampshire Fire Incident Reporting System (NHFIRS) is operated by the NH State Fire Marshal’s Office (NHFMO) pursuant to the requirements set forth in RSA 153:11. Each fire department is required to submit its emergency incident data to the State Fire Marshal Office on a monthly basis, by the 15th of the following month.

The fire service responds to all types of emergency and non-emergency incidents. The full effect of those responses is only recognized if the incidents are documented, reported, shared and analyzed. The fire service's tool for achieving this is the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS).  Collectively, the data is an asset because it helps identify trends, quantify activities, determine causes and plan deployment of limited resources. Ultimately, this can help reduce the loss of life and property caused by fires. 

Data Submission Information

There are three options for submitting your data to NHFIRS.

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We are pleased to announce a free statewide NFIRS reporting application available to all NH Fire Departments to use for NFIRS reporting. It is part of the New Hampshire Emergency Services Reporting System (NHESR), which is an extension of the TEMSIS system and is administered by the Division of Fire Standards and Training & EMS (NH Fire Academy)

Use of the state's NHESR system to document NFIRS reports is not required. If you wish to continue using your existing incident reporting software or choose a different software, that continues to be local choice. 

For additional information, you may watch the NHERS Video Trailer and, check out the Elite Fire RMS Flyer!

If you would like to start using the system, please fill out the NHESR onboarding application and a member of the Fire Academy will reach out to you with onboarding assistance.


Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) Method
SFTP Submission Registration Process


e-NFIRS Direct Entry
U.S. Fire Administration Applications and User Tools 


NH Fire Incident Reporting Resources


NFIRS FAQs and Tips

If you are new to NFIRS reporting and are not sure where to start, these resources can provide you with an introduction.

NFIRS Coding Questions Guide

What is considered an incident, and what's not

"Plus One" Codes 

How to Code Specific Incident Types or Scenarios

Questions about What to Enter in Specific Fields?

Address/ Incident Location

Formatting Your Incident Numbers

Incident Types

Property Use


Training Resources

We are happy to provide NHFIRS training to any New Hampshire fire department that makes a request! This can include on-site, phone or email consultations for specific questions. 

Here are some other training resources to assist you with fire incident reporting.


Laws, Rules and Codes

For a list of all laws, rules and codes that pertain to the NH Division of Fire Safety, please view them on our full site.


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