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The NH State Fire Marshal’s Office (NHFMO) provides guidance on the use of temporary tents due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As hospitals, healthcare facilities, restaurants, schools and others do their best to accommodate those they serve, many are setting up temporary tents and structures to support their operations. Due to Governor Sununu’s Executive Order 2020-04, the NH State Fire Marshal’s Office Bureau of Building Safety and Construction has expanded its role to provide additional guidance that ensures they meet the state fire code.

Please note that in addition to guidance below, many local municipalities have adopted specific requirements in relation to local planning regulations and zoning ordinances. These must be followed.



  • Any tents over 400 square feet shall meet the requirements of the tent inspection checklist.
  • If temporary heating is installed, carbon monoxide alarms shall be provided
  • Tents located adjacent to a building shall not obstruct egress or sprinkler systems under canopies
  • Fire protection system inspections shall be completed in accordance with the State Fire Code. Contractors shall work with the requestor to establish requirements for necessary PPE and other precautions for conducting inspections
  • All distancing rules and guidance will apply based on the Governor’s orders.



Please visit your town’s municipal website for local forms and requirements.


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Laws, Rules and Codes

For a list of all laws, rules and codes that pertain to the NH Division of Fire Safety, please view them on our full site.


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