State Building Permit Program

The NH State Fire Marshal’s Office (NHFMO) administers the state building permit system for all state owned properties. This program covers the permitting, plan review and inspections for all construction work in state owned properties.

This building permit program applies only to construction that meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • State owned property
  • Community college system property
  • Municipal projects for which we have received a written request for assistance
  • Projects in municipalities without a code enforcement mechanism, from whom we have received a written request for assistance 


Submission Guidelines 

Permit applications and plans shall be submitted through the State Fire Marshal's MyGov portal, which requires a collaborator account.

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Questions? Please email or call (603) 223-4289.

Mailing Address:
Division of Fire Safety
NH Department of Safety
33 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03305

In Person:
We are open from 8am - 4pm, Monday through Friday. 

110 Smokey Bear Blvd.
Concord, NH 03301


Payments for permit fees will continue to be by mail or in person. 

For an overview of the building permit program including the permit process, fee schedule, and documents please visit this building permit page.

Please note, our office has no jurisdiction over local building projects, with the exception of those noted above. Building code enforcement falls under local building officials. Please contact your local building official for assistance.


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