Fire Code Variance Requests

The NH Division of Fire Safety/ NH State Fire Marshal’s Office (NHFMO) is responsible for considering fire code variances and issuing exceptions when appropriate.

When a property owner or their representative (such as a builder) is unable to meet the fire code due to a unique set of circumstances, a variance (or exception) can sometimes be issued. Through the application process an equivalent level of safety must be demonstrated. Our office has no jurisdiction over building code alternatives, with the exception of state-owned buildings. Otherwise, building code enforcement falls under local building officials and you’ll want to contact your local building official for assistance.   

We ask for your patience as these reviews are currently taking an average of 30-60 days.


Request a Fire Code Variance

Please fill out a Request for Variances or Exceptions form to submit your request.

Fire Code Variances are issued in compliance with NH Code of Administrative Rules Saf-C 6005.04.


Need Help?

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